Meet the team

Our Mission

Oregon Recovers is a statewide network of individuals and organizations working together across sectors to transform Oregon’s capacity to provide world-class treatment and support for Oregonians suffering from addiction to drugs and alcohol. Right now Oregon ranks near the bottom in terms of adult and adolescent access to treatment and recovery services. Oregon Recovers propose to flip that metric on its head over the next 5 years by mobilizing a diverse and politically powerful constituency of recovery advocates, allied organizations, legislative champions and families of loss to secure adequate services and support to address Oregon’s addiction epidemic in a meaningful and impactful way.

Alano Club of Portland, Fiscal Sponsor

Oregon Recovers recognizes that Oregon is an increasingly diverse state and that, to be successful, we must include the expertise and energy of a broad cross-section of recovery leaders in the governance structure of our campaign. The purpose of the Interim Steering Committee is to raise start-up capital and develop the long-term legal framework of Oregon Recovers. A far more inclusive permanent Steering Committee, Statewide Advisory Board and Political Action Committee will be announced in the months to come.


Mike Marshall
Public affairs consultant and former campaign manager to Gov. Kitzhaber