About us

Oregon Recovers is an inclusive statewide coalition comprised of people in recovery–and their friends and family—uniting to transform Oregon healthcare to ensure world-class prevention, treatment, and recovery support services for Oregonians suffering from the disease of addiction.

Within five years Oregon will be known as the “recovery state.”


  • Addiction costs Oregon $6.7 billion a year, that’s 17% of the state’s annual budget
  • No single point of accountability or authority within state government
  • No people in recovery in decision making roles
  • Significant societal costs
    • Foster care
    • Youth incarceration
    • Homelessness
    • Truancy/High school graduation rates
  • Oregon ranks 50th in access to addiction treatment
  • No meaningful prevention, long wait times for treatment, poor aftercare

Statement of Principles

  • Oregon Recovers believes all Oregonians have a right to immediate, on-demand access to safe, effective treatment
  • Oregon Recovers will work to eradicate the stigma associated with addiction which currently serves as a barrier to recovery
  • Oregon Recovers will work to build a universal understanding that addiction is a chronic disease and a public health concern NOT a criminal justice problem
  • Oregon Recovers will embrace the broadest interpretations of treatment and recovery, including MAT and harm reduction
  • Oregon Recovers will insist that both substance use and addiction be addressed at every level of healthcare
  • Oregon Recovers will insist that treatment be viewed as a continuum of care that includes community-based recovery support

Three Year Goals

  • Build a movement of people in recovery and their allies to sustain broad public, political and stakeholder understanding and support for addiction prevention, treatment and recovery support services
  • Advocate for the development and implementation of a meaningful, comprehensive addiction recovery plan rooted in national best practices, which provides inclusive, culturally competent programs and which is guided by quantifiable goals and performance metrics.
  • In collaboration with key stakeholders to identify and secure adequate sources of revenue for implementing Oregon’s comprehensive and inclusive alcohol and drug policy

1631 NE Broadway #103, Portland, OR 97232-1425