Our Mission

Oregon Recovers is a statewide network of individuals and organizations working together across sectors to transform Oregon’s capacity to provide world-class treatment and support for Oregonians suffering from addiction to drugs and alcohol. Right now Oregon ranks near the bottom in terms of adult and adolescent access to treatment and recovery services. Oregon Recovers propose to flip that metric on its head over the next 5 years by mobilizing a diverse and politically powerful constituency of recovery advocates, allied organizations, legislative champions and families of loss to secure adequate services and support to address Oregon’s addiction epidemic in a meaningful and impactful way.

Upcoming Events


Register now for Oregon Recovers' fifth annual Advocacy Day. Head down to Capitol in Salem and join 300 other people for a rally in front of the Capitol and meet with legislators from your district.

Recovery Community Summit Logo

Register now for Oregon Recovers' fifth annual Recovery Community Summit, Oregon's only conference for everyone in the recovery community - family and friends, service professionals, and people in recovery for three days or thirty years.

Past Events


Join us for our Recovery Talk with Steve Allen, Oregon Health Authoritie's Director of Beahavioral Health discussing how Oregon has responded to improve access to recovery support during Covid-19. Click the image to watch this Thursday at 4pm.


Watch our second Recovery Talks discussion with House Healthcare Committee Chair Rep. Andrea Salinas and Alchohol and Drug Policy Commission Executive Director Dr. Reginald Richardson discussing policy options to address Oregon's addiction crisis.  Click the image to watch on Facebook.


Watch our first Recovery Talks  discussion with Oregon Recover's Co-Chairs Se-ah-dom Edmo and Tony Vezina discussing the changing nature of recovery advocacy during Covid-19. Click the image to watch on Facebook.