Give Recovery!


Donate to End Oregon's Addiction Crisis

Oregon’s recovery community—and the movement to end Oregon’s addiction crisis—have been battered tremendously by the pandemic. Virtually all recovery support programs were shut down in March and Oregonian’s in early recovery were especially impacted by the loss of jobs.

Oregon Recovers moved quickly to respond: 

  • Oregon Recovers launched to immediately connect people in recovery with online support.
  • Oregon Recovers convened key stakeholders across the state to make recommendations to Oregon Health Authority (OHA) on launching a “Relapse Prevention Program.”
  • Oregon Recovers mobilized legislative pressure on the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) to adhere to CDC and WHO guidelines relating to access to alcohol during the pandemic, resulting in a requirement that all OLCC decisions require OHA vetting.
  • Oregon Recovers partnered with MRG Foundation and OHA to launch the Addiction Recovery Assistance Fund to assist people in recovery struggling to pay their rent.
"Oregon Recovers, a nonprofit that is an emerging power in the state, thinks it's time the state raised taxes on drinking as well. State health officials are listening."  

Simultaneously, Oregon Recovers has continued the work of building a new system of care. Rep. Tawna Sanchez introduced the “Addiction Crisis Recovery Act”  for consideration in the 2021 legislative session. This bill will raise the price of alcohol in Oregon, reducing harmful underage and binge drinking and generating enough revenue to fully fund the new system of care designed by the Alcohol & Drug Policy Commission. It is landmark, unprecedented legislation that will significantly reduce Oregon’s addiction rate and increase the state’s recovery rate.

The alcohol industry has already begun organizing against these changes and we need your help to counter their unlimited resources.


 "(Oregon Recovers) brings a level of sophistication to the alcohol tax discussion that the industry here hasn't encountered before. . .(Oregon Recovers) is building a very potent organizational force around recovery.  What Oregon Recovers brings to the table is the ability to mobilize hundreds of people at any time."

- Dwight Holton,
Executive Director of Lines for Life