Our Mission

Oregon Recovers is a statewide network of individuals and organizations working together across sectors to transform Oregon’s capacity to provide world-class treatment and support for Oregonians suffering from addiction to drugs and alcohol. Right now Oregon ranks near the bottom in terms of adult and adolescent access to treatment and recovery services. Oregon Recovers propose to flip that metric on its head over the next 5 years by mobilizing a diverse and politically powerful constituency of recovery advocates, allied organizations, legislative champions and families of loss to secure adequate services and support to address Oregon’s addiction epidemic in a meaningful and impactful way.


Recovery and the COVID-19 Crisis

Recognizing that the call for "social distancing" in response to the COVID-19 health crisis severely impacts people in recovery from addiction, a statewide workgroup drafted the following suggestions based on the most current information available from national and state authorities. To access the Center for Disease Control (CDC) current reccomendations for social distancing, click here.

Reducing Risk at Recovery Meetings

Responding to Cancelled Recovery Meeting

Selfcare for People in Recovery during the COVID-19 crisis

Supporting a Loved One in Recovery

Online Resources for People in Recovery

Oregon Recovery Network Website in partnership with Google we created a site for Oregonians to find online recovery resources in their area.

Community Organizing Toolkit

These documents will help you organize your community and pass a local government resolution!

 2020-2025 Oregon Statewide Strategic Plan (February, 2020)

View ADPC Statewide Strategic Plan