Walk for Recovery 2019

Registration FAQ

Thank you for joining the Walk for Recovery.  We are very excited about this empowering event, and so happy you will be there with us!

We are aware that the registration process is not always running smoothly, and we are working hard to correct the issues.  We would like to apologize if you are having trouble, and let you know we will be happy to help you get registered quickly and easily.

If these answers don't solve the problem you are experiencing, or if you would prefer to work directly with us to complete your registration, please contact us - you can either call Andrew at 971-335-9033 or email Cassandra@oregonrecovers.org. This page will continue to be updated as we learn more about what people are having trouble with.

Question 1:

I want to start a team or join a team - how do I do this?

The registration process is set up so that every person must first select a ticket type.  The next step is completing the Buyer and Participant information sections.  At the end of the Participant section, the user will see an option to Fundraise as an Individual or Fundraise as a Team.  Select the Team option, then you will be able to create a new team or join an existing team.  If you are unable to join a team at this point, please contact us .  We are working with tech support regarding this issue, and we will contact you once it is resolved.


Question 2:

I selected the "Fundraise for my Fee" option, which is free - why is it asking for a credit card?

The "Fundraise for my Fee" ticket option requires that you agree to a fundraising minimum of $35 (to cover the cost of your registration).  The checkout process will ask you for your credit card information but you will NOT be charged at this time.  If you don't meet the fundraising minimum of $35 before the event, your card will be charged the remaining amount - e.g. You raise $20, you will be charged $15 at the end of September.


Question 3:

I am using my smartphone to sign up - why is it asking me for a promo code?

On a smartphone, the registration page starts at the bottom, with the promo code section.  You will need to scroll up (yes, we know this one is weird) in order to enter the required information to check out.  If you have filled out the Buyer and Participant information and still have problems with being asked for a promo code please contact us .  We are working with tech support regarding this issue, and we will contact you once it is resolved.


Question 4:

I work at a treatment center - where do I sign up my clients - OR - I am a current client, where do I sign up?

Please contact us to discuss including current clients in your team. 

If you are a client, please ask a representative from your service provider to contact us.